Wednesday, November 4, 2009

3rd Pre - order for Industry Roll

hi all;

sambutan sangat menggalakkan
jadi, kami akan buka untuk
3rd pre - order.

You can view our catalog for pre - order.
or ask us for the catalog.
Pre - order ni untuk pembelian 15mtr ke atas dan
pembelian banyak ( bulk order ).

Bukan pembelian 1mtr, 2mtr.
untuk beli sedikit, sila rujuk ribbons di blog sahaja.

We will only entertain genuine, interested buyers only.
NO back-outs or cancellations are allowed after confirmation of purchase.
You will be blacklisted if you do so.

stok akan sampai dalam 1 - 2minggu dari tarikh order closed.
Please order only if u willing to wait for that long.
Payment must be made in full/ 50% before pre order end.
Order depends on stock availability, okay =)

hurry, place your order !

but, please.. please.. make sure you check correctly:
code no & size
before placing your order, okayy =)

please refer here & 1st Pre - order for more details.
2nd pre - order is still in the process.

I will submit order once completed 25rolls.


1) Adda - 8rolls (paid full payment 4/11/09)
2) Chacha - 20rolls (paid 50% 3/11/09, paid 50% 20/11/09)
3) Eilaz - 2rolls (paid full payment 4/11/09)
4) Tini - 10rolls (paid 50% 4/11/09, paid 50% 22/11/09 )

3rd pre - order, CLOSED on 4 Nov 2009 !
others can email me to place order.

thank you.


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