Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ready for Postage

hi all;

yeay, they are now ready for postage !
we will update your tracking no. here once
we posted them this afternoon, ok.

Tracking no. for 2nd pre-order:
1) Imah Kim - EN253123435MY
2) Adda - EN253122823MY
3) Ira - EN253122806MY
4) Ms. Bayu - EN253122908MY
5) Wirda - EN074593249MY

Tracking no. for 3rd pre-order:
1) Adda - EN253122823MY
2) Chacha - EN253122845MY
3) Eilaz - EN253122868MY
4) Tini - EN253122885MY

*track your shipment via SMS
Example: PL EN852099121MY
Step 2: Send to 33333
**Celcom, Maxis & Digi subscribers only

to those who wants to order,
we will open 4th pre-order on this week.
in the mean time, you can refer here, here & here for previous orders.
and here for more details.

okay, thanks to all buyers for their patience and cooperation.


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