Thursday, October 29, 2009

2nd Pre - order for Industry Roll

calling all ribbon lovers,
we have a very good news for you !

i am taking order for 2nd pre - order, now !
hurry, place your order !

but, please.. please.. make sure you check correctly:
code no & size
before placing your order, okayy =)

please refer here & here for more details.

I will submit order once completed 25rolls.

1) Imah Kim - 5rolls
(paid full payment 27/10/09)
2) Adda - 8rolls (paid 50% 27/10/09, paid another 50% 29/10/09)
3) Ira - 6rolls (paid full payment 28/10/09)
4) Ms. Bayu - 14rolls (paid 50% 28/10/09)
5) Wirda - 2rolls (paid RM50 27/10/09)

2nd pre - order, CLOSED on 27 Oct 2009 !
those who still interested will be in 3rd Pre - Order ok.
you can email me to place order.

thank you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

First Pre- Order

Stock has arrived & we are sorting out your order.
We will ship it by today.

Please refer to this entry,
Pre - Order for Ribbons.

Thank you to:

Maira - 17rolls
Bea - 7rolls

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pre - Order for Ribbons ( Industry Roll )

Hi All;

calling all ribbon lovers,we have a very good news for you !
they are now ready for pre - order.
especially to those need in large quantity.
I mean, industry roll.
Industry roll = 15 / 20 mtrs per design.
Depends on design.
10% discounts for you (postage not included).

as usual,we will need advanced payment to ensure that
no back out will be made by possible buyers.

pre-order starts now (july 23,2009).

with each order,buyers NEED to include their:
name, contact number, email, code no, and address
to avoid miscommunication. :D

VERY important note:
the stocks will only arrive in a week or at least in two weeks
(date to be confirmed later).
hope you lovelies can wait, okayy !

6mm (4.5mtr/roll) : rm6.90
11mm (4.5mtr/roll) : rm6.90
15mm (15mtr - 20mtr/design) : rm26.90
25mm (15mtr - 20mtr/design) : rm32.90
38mm (15mtr - 20mtr/design) : rm38.90

You may not redistribute, share, upload, or claim our CATALOG as your own
whether you have altered them or not.

We will only entertain genuine, interested buyers only.
NO back-outs or cancellations are allowed after confirmation of purchase.
You will be blacklisted if you do so.

Hugs & Loves,

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