Thursday, March 27, 2008

Aloha Everyone

It seem that now days, everyone is blogging. Different people have different opinion on what blogging is and their purpose. So where do i get in? You can put me in a promotion and sales department.

Basically I am trying to advertise knowledge base products especially books. You name it preschool, primary, secondary, university books we have it all. We all are aware of why people does not shop on-line vigorously in Malaysia, it is because the uncertainty and credibility of the seller. What if I can promise you that all of your nightmare are not true when you buy with us. What if I can assure you that our service and products are more reliable and satisfaction guaranteed from others even if their shop are near you.

I know its kinda too late to have this type of advert, so I will try to be a bit special than others.

You ask me how I attend to accomplish this specialness? And I answer...

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